Terminator Roof Sealants

Terminator Roof Sealants

100% Solids Multi-purpose Roof Sealants

Terminator 622 and 624XT are the ultimate roof maintenance and repair solutions. Designed to perform in extreme conditions, these advanced, 100% solids, multi-purpose sealants adhere to virtually any roof subtrate, and will even fully cure when applied to wet, or underwater surfaces.

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Commercial Roof Repair Mastics & Sealants

Roof Mastics

High-Performance Roof Mastics

We provide a full line high-performance roof mastics specifically formulated for use on commercial and industrial roof surfaces. Once cured, these products form a durable, yet flexible seal capable of withstanding the natural expansion and contraction of roof structures.

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Commercial Roof Repair Accessories

Repair Accessories

Maintenance & Repair Accessories

We offer an assortment of products and accessories to supplement roof restoration system applications and roof maintenance and repair projects. Our product line includes polyester fabric, butyl seam tape, thickening agents, cleaning solvents, roofing granules, and more.

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Commercial Roof Repair & Maintenance

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Facility Managers & Property Owners

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Ready to get the conversation started? We have a nationwide network of approved contractors specialized in fluid-applied roof restoration for flat and metal roof surfaces.

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Tax & Energy Savings

Keep more money in your wallet with a fluid-applied roof restoration system from American WeatherStar.

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Warranty Program

Your roof is an important asset. Give it long-term protection with our StarGard™ Warranty Program.

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