Met-A-Gard Roof Restoration System

Features & Benefits

  • Excellent adhesion to metal roof surfaces
  • Exceptional reflectivity, UV stability, & weatherability
  • Prevents further accumulation of rust & corrosion
  • Forms a seamless, durable, & watertight membrane
  • Industry-leading elongation & tensile strength
  • Cost less than a conventional roof replacement
  • Long-term material & NDL system warranties available

Application Process

The roof surface is pressure washed to remove all dirt, dust, and other foriegn contaminants. This step ensures maximum adhesion of the system to the roof substrate. In some cases, the use of a primer may be necessary. Any problem areas found during surface preparation must be properly addressed before the system can be installed.

All seams, fasteners, penetrations, drains, and other flashing details are treated with Acrylic Brush-Grade 220 or Acrylic Butter-Grade 221. These highly flexible waterproofing mastics enable the system to withstand the natural expansion and contraction (thermal cycling) of the roof structure. This step of the application process is critical, as the “details” of a metal roof are generally where leaks to occur.

An ivory-tinted base coat of Acrylic 211 is applied. This highly-advanced acrylic coating ensures applicators maintain uniform mil thickness throughout the system and is uniquely formulated for maximum adhesion to metal roof surfaces.

Product(s): Acrylic 211

A bright-white top coat of Acrylic 211 is then applied. This acrylic top layer forms a seamless and flexible membrane that provides the system with superior durability, reflectivity, weatherability, and mildew resistance.

Product(s): Acrylic 211

Met-A-Gard Roof Restoration System Application Process

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