As a leading supplier of elastomeric roof coatings, we are focused on providing solutions for your commercial roofing needs. From metal roof repair to flat roof repair, our energy-efficient coating systems are designed to effectively restore commercial roofs and provide protection against harsh environmental elements. With a nationwide network of Approved Contractors who understand your needs, we are ready to solve your roofing problems, including rust and roof leaks, while preventing future damage. 

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We provide

  • High-performance roof coating systems that offer added durability and protection for building owners
  • Fluid-applied systems that are backed with long-term, extendable warranties
  • Extensive, proven lead generation campaigns for contractors looking to grow their businesses
  • Courses featuring industry pros that keep contractors up to date on application techniques and best sales practices
  • Customer service – fully dedicated to the needs of contractors
  • Comprehensive technical support for contractors
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Schedule a free roof survey today. We’ll connect you with an American WeatherStar Approved Contractor  to inspect your roof and offer a comprehensive proposal to restore or replace.  It is critical to have a professional and experienced contractor survey your roof regularly.  Find small problems today so they won’t be large problems tomorrow.

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Million Square Feet Covered

More than 250 million square feet of commercial  and industrial roofing throughout the United States is protected and warranted with our fluid-applied, spray polyurethane foam, and single-ply systems. Learn more about warranty options.

Approved Contractors

Our nationwide network of Approved Contractors have the equipment and expertise to tackle the restoration and repair needs of any size commercial roof. With active Approved Contractors in all 50 states, we provide ongoing service through every phase of your project. Schedule a free roof inspection today.

Reduction In Energy Costs

Our cool roofing systems are Energy Star® Certified to reduce building interior cooling costs by 20% on average-even during peak usage. Roof coating solutions have immense environmental benefits, they are 100% tax deductible the year the first year of application.   Learn how cool roofing can save you money. 

1/2 The Cost Of Replacement

Restoration with fluid-applied systems averages 1/2 the cost of full roof replacement. Short term – less material and labor are needed for complete installation. Tear-off/landfill fees are no longer cost factors. Long term – with proper maintenance, our systems can extend the life of commercial roofs indefinitely. 

See what facility managers are saying about our roofing systems

“I had a previous company try to restore my roof and it was a disaster. The roof leaked every time it rained and I could hardly get in contact with the contractor when I needed maintenance. So, I decided to look for another contractor and called Kiker Corporation. Kiker Corporation walked the roof with me and pointed out the problem areas and why I was having my issues. He explained that he used AWS systems and all the benefits they offered. I decide to let Kiker Corporation recoat my roof with an AWS System and I’ve been grateful ever since.”

Brenda Jackson - Carr Allison, Daphne, AL

“We are very impressed with the Met-A-Gard Plus system we had put on our metal roof. We had leaks as well as other concerns such as heat reduction and waterproofing the roof. Louisiana Roof Coatings, even an out of town company, came in a very timely manner and handled the job perfectly. It has been two years and we have had neither issues nor a reason to get up on the roof. The coating did exactly what the website advertised it would do.”

John Hanney - Refuge Temple Ministries, Lake Charles, LA

“We here at Gulf Shores Surf and Racquet Club could not be more pleased with the work Thomas Roofing has done for us. Our roof was in bad shape and in desperate need of repair.  The crew was very efficient and professional, and the result of that was better than what we expected.  Our roof is now beautiful!  We would definitely recommend them for any roofing needs.”

Amanda Holland - Gulf Shores Surf and Racquet Club, Gulf Shores, AL

“We were having several leaking issues with our roof. American WeatherStar sent us Coleman Roofing and they did a phenomenal job. The flood came through and they did the job a couple of weeks later. They came in to install the Met-A-Gard system and were out in no time with a job well completed. I notice the energy levels already decreasing in the building and have not had any issues with leaking since. They did a great job and I have already recommended a buddy of mine to Coleman Roofing to have them propose him a solution with an American WeatherStar system.”

Timothy Armentor - Armentor, Youngsville, LA

“The American WeatherStar Ure-A-Sil system has drastically brought down the energy costs for our building. We added a tint on our windows and shortly after installed the roofing system and it has brought our energy cost down by over 50%. Edwards Roofing has been great to work with and I could not have asked for a better contractor which I was referred to by American WeatherStar. I would gladly use both of these companies again.”

Lee Jones - CRJ Management Services Inc., Ft. Walton Beach, FL

“We had several issues with our metal roof. The corrosion and rust we had was constantly deteriorating  the roof and causing leaks. After discussing further options with American WeatherStar we found the Met-A-Sil system was the best solution. We no longer are experiencing issues with the roof and are happy with the Met-A-Sil System.”

Chris Cofield - Maxi-Store Self Storage Units, Anniston, AL

“We are extremely pleased with our new roofing system. We already had two roofs on our building so without a coating system like yours we would have had to tear off and replace. That would have been 6-7 times the cost of coating we went with. The ability to classify it as a maintenance system instead of a capital improvement was extremely helpful.  This is our second full year with our new roof and we have not had a single problem. The installers that you partnered with in our area were so good that we also hired them to paint our building. Couldn’t be happier…”

Steven Edwards - A&C Kitchens and Baths, Chester, PA

“We had the Met-A-Sil system applied to our metal roof and it has helped to bring down energy costs tremendously. This system has reduced the constant heat buildup in our warehouse and is helping to regulate our operating temperature. We are very pleased with our American WeatherStar roof coating system.”

Adam Neieig - Community Food Share, Louisville, CO

“I am very pleased with the Ure-A-Sil system I had put on my roof. The thing I would have to be most pleased about is my roof no longer leaks. Galt Construction was a great company to work with and American WeatherStar did great with setting things up and keeping things in check. The personality of both companies made them extremely easy to work with and everyone did exactly what they said they were going to do. Galt Construction was on point with this job and I would highly recommend them for any others.”

Danny Duggan - Duggan’s Auto Supply Inc., Stamford, TX

“My number one problem with my metal roof has always been the weather conditions. They are constantly changing and my roof expands and moves nonstop. This makes my roof leak and cause disruption in the company. The American WeatherStar Met-A-Gard system is the first solution I have been able to find which moves with the roof. Holland Roofing in Memphis has made all of the difference in the world with this as well. If I ever needed any type of repair or additional solutions they were right on top of it and more than helpful. I no longer have leaks with my roof and I am well pleased with this product..”

Joe Brackett - Power Equipment Co., Memphis, TN