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Routine Maintenance is Essential

Routine maintenance can extend the life of your investment and lower the life cycle cost of your roof. Failure to maintain the roof may result in deterioration of the roofing system. Repairs for deterioration from lack of proper maintenance are not covered by your American WeatherStar warranty. Extensive deterioration can result in warranty cancellation.

Note: This program is intended to address common conditions found on most buildings.

1. Maintain Records

Keep a file of all records relating to this roof including:

  • American WeatherStar StarGard Warranty
  • Inspection reports
  • Repairs and maintenance bills

2. Conduct Routine Inspections

At least twice per year—typically in the spring and fall. Download our scheduled roof maintenance checklist.

3. Inspect After Severe Weather

Always inspect the roof for damage after severe weather such as hailstorms, heavy rains, high winds, etc.

4. Repair Correctly

All roofing repairs must be performed by an American WeatherStar Approved Contractor, including repairs for non-warrantied conditions. Make repairs with American WeatherStar materials, following our current repair guidelines for the type and quality of roof installed.

5. Keep Roof Clean/Debris Free

Always remove debris that accumulates on the roof such as:

  • Leaves, branches, dirt, rocks, bottles,
  • Debris and trash from other trades, etc.

Keep gutters, downspouts, drains, scuppers, and the surrounding roof areas clean to ensure proper drainage.

6. Keep Metal in Good Condition

Examine all metal flashings, counterflashings, expansion joints, and pitch pockets for:

  • Rust
  • Detachment or damage
  • Deteriorated sealant

7. Keep Masonry in Good Condition

Examine masonry walls and copings for:

  • Cracks and bad mortar joints
  • Deteriorated sealant
  • Loose masonry/coping stones
  • Indications of water absorption

Repair all such conditions to prevent water infiltration.

8. Maintain Rooftop Equipment

Examine rooftop equipment for any problems that may allow water infiltration. Equipment can include:

  • Air conditioners, vents, and duct work
  • Equipment stands or screens
  • Skylights
  • Satellite dishes, antennas

Eliminate any spillage of coolant, oils, grease, etc. and repair roof membrane if affected.

9. Maintain Roof Coating

Examine protective coatings and recoat any cracked, flaked, or worn areas with a compatible American WeatherStar roof coating. Contact American WeatherStar if this is a warranty issue.

10. Minimize Rooftop Traffic

Minimize rooftop traffic by limiting access to necessary personnel only. Maintain a roof access log so that you can as certain who has been on the roof in the event of damage to the roof from other trades.

Important Note: Repair all leaks promptly to avoid adverse effects, including mold growth.

Other conditions may exist that require special maintenance. The Building Owner must ensure that the maintenance program for a particular building is adequate and appropriate.

Report any deficiencies in the American WeatherStar roof system within 30 days for possible guarantee coverage for deficiencies that are believed to be due to defects in American WeatherStar materials or related installation to:

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