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Licensed & Insured Roofing Contractors

Licensed & Insured

American WeatherStar Approved Contractors are licensed and insured, so facility managers and property owners can rest easy knowing they're protected.

Quality Workmanship

Quality Workmanship

American WeatherStar Approved Contractors use the latest roof coatings technology and application techniques to ensure the highest level of performance, longevity, and workmanship.

Reliable & Professional Contractors

Reliable & Professional

American WeatherStar Approved Contractors are committed to providing exceptional customer service, high-quality solutions, and professional craftsmanship.

Ask the Right Questions

Check with your local and state governments to find out if your state requires a license for a contractor to install a commercial roofing system. Many states—but not all—require a license.

American WeatherStar recommends building managers and property owners only use contractors that have General Liability and Workers Compensation insurance. In order to be an American WeatherStar Approved Contractor, each firm submits an insurance certificate showing proof of insurance coverage.

Obviously it is critical for your contractor to follow building codes. Many states require a permit in order for a roofing project to commence. Be sure to check with your local building code office to determine if this is necessary.

American WeatherStar advises all of its Approved Contractors to survey each roof thoroughly before submitting a proposal. In this era of technology, a contractor may review the roof via an online service and even determine the building’s dimensions. However, it is critical to actually walk and perform a detailed, in-person survey of the project before submitting a scope of work and proposal. Oftentimes, there are issues on the roof that may not be visible via satellite.

Facility owners or managers should make sure each contractor bidding on your project submits a detailed scope of work along with the price. We do not believe that an overall price and warranty is sufficient for a proposal. The scope of work clearly outlines what is to be done on the roof and allows you to hold the contractor accountable during the project.

Within the scope of work, the contractors bidding on your project should describe the materials they plan to use. You should be able to find manufacturer information, application requirements, technical data, safety information, etc.

If your contractor is offering a warranty from the manufacturer, they are required follow the manufacturer’s guidelines in order for the system to receive a warranty. American WeatherStar inspects every project receiving an NDL System Warranty, which covers both material and workmanship of the installing contractor. The inspection is onsite and is completely objective. The system must meet the requirements set by American WeatherStar in order for a warranty to be issued.

There are many different variations of warranties within the roofing industry. Always read the warranty thoroughly for a better understanding of what is covered and what is not covered. Please call American Weatherstar Warranty Services with any questions concerning our warranty program.

Within the contractor’s proposal, they should always state what the building owner is responsible for both during and after the project. Typically, water would be supplied by the owner so the roof can be properly cleaned. There may be more items depending on the complexity of the project. After the project is complete, and over the term length of the warranty, the building owner is responsible for routine maintenance of the roof system. American WeatherStar recommends a preventative maintenance program with the contractor that installed the system.

Before choosing a contractor for any project, ask for references. The contractor should be able to give you a list of completed projects and contacts. Third-party verification is always helpful.

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