Company Benefits

  • Improve consistency & quality of installation
  • Increase worker productivity & efficiency
  • Enhance reputation & position in your local market
  • Commitment to the development of your workforce
  • Certified recognition from an industry leader
  • Higher approval status with American WeatherStar

Employee Benefits

  • Improve overall system & product knowledge
  • Increase confidence, efficiency & performance
  • Gain professional integrity within the industry
  • Achieve greater value & status with your company
  • Industry certification from American WeatherStar
  • Certificate of completion and swag

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many benefits to the Certified Applicator Program. For starters, you increase the confidence of your clients by ensuring that your workers have the necessary knowledge and skillset to do the job right. Other benefits to the program include improved workmanship and efficiency, superior system application and product knowledge, increased profitability and performance, and more.

No. There is no fee associated with the Certified Applicator Program.

If a Certified Applicator leaves your company to work for another American WeatherStar Approved Contractor, he/she must be recertified through the “new” Approved Contractor to be recognized as a Certifed Applicator.

Yes. Certified Applicators must attend at least one FAST Training Course (2-day or 1-day) every 2 years to remain certified.

The exam consist of over 65+ questions and should take anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes to complete—depending on experience.

Applicants must correctly answer at least 80% of the exam questions in order to pass.

There is no limit to how many times an applicant can retake the exam. If you fail, simply refresh the page to start over.

Once the application and exam are completed, please allow three to five business days for the review process to take place. We will notify the applicant by email as soon as he/she is accepted into the program. A certification card will be mailed to the address provided shortly afterwards.

Certified Applicator Requirements

Actively Employed

To become a Certified Applicator, you must be actively employed by an American WeatherStar Approved Contractor.

Complete the Application

Complete the online application for review by American WeatherStar. Click here to start the application process.

Project Experience

Applicants must have working experience on a minimum of three American WeatherStar roof restoration projects.

FAST Training

Applicants must have attended at least one 2-day or 1-day FAST Training Course to be eligible. Click here to register for upcoming courses.

Certified Applicator Exam

Once the application is submitted, applicants will receive a link to the online exam. Correctly answer 80% of the questions in order to qualify for the Certified Applicator Program.