The annual team meeting for American WeatherStar is a highly anticipated event, bringing together employees from all departments to reflect on the past year’s successes and set the stage for future goals. The meeting serves as a platform for collaboration, innovation, and synergy among different teams.

The atmosphere is full of excitement and unity as participants initiate brief introductions to start the day. Each employee shares their name, department, and how long they have been with the company. This ritual serves as a warm welcome for new hires and a reminder of the wealth of experience and diversity within the team.

Following the introductions, special recognition is given to employees who have completed our annual “Tech Talk” class. “Tech Talk” is an internal training course on technical knowledge for American WeatherStar employees. These individuals gain product knowledge, learn estimating and sales rebuttals, apply the product, and more. Product knowledge is essential in assisting contractors, building owners, architects, engineers, and consultants with any questions. We celebrate their achievements and hand out a well-deserved completion certificate highlighting the company’s investment in employee growth and inspiring a culture of continuous learning and innovation among the team.

These awards were followed by a presentation that highlighted vital achievements, milestones, and challenges from the previous year, fostering a sense of transparency and shared responsibility. Future goals and strategic initiatives are outlined, encouraging departments to align their efforts toward common objectives.

Work Hard. Play Hard.

You may or may not be familiar with the saying, “Work Hard. Play Hard”? Well, here at American WeatherStar, we’re all about living it. This year, after our insightful and motivating meeting, we dove into a fun-filled round of friendly competition at Top Golf. It’s our way of striking that perfect balance between dedication and enjoyment!

The day concludes with an awards ceremony recognizing individual and team achievements. Awards such as the longest drive, biggest loser, and most points are handed out, adding a touch of humor and friendly competition to the celebration. This unique blend of reflection, collaboration, and camaraderie makes the annual team meeting an invaluable event that contributes to the overall success and unity of the company.