Marking follow-up date on calendar

The commercial roofing sales cycle can last months, sometimes years. In order to succeed, you must build a solid follow-up process. The follow-up process is just as important as the initial contact. Once the phone call has been placed, the email or fax sent, the follow-up is pivotal to the success of your sales process.

We can’t wait on others to respond to us, we must go after them. Being afraid of rejection can be terrifying to some people. However, you have to keep moving forward. Unless someone tells you they’re not interested, follow up should continue until you get a solid answer. If the customer tells you they’re too busy to talk, ask them for a better time to reach them. When they say the decision on which company they choose won’t be for another 3 months, set a reminder to call them back. While you don’t want to be a nuisance, persistence is key.

When dealing with a cold call, you want to give it a few tries to reach the decision maker. Keep it short and professional. A phone call will give you a quick response, where an email may provide a more positive outcome over time. Too many phone calls can be perceived as desperate and too difficult to deal with. An email allows the customer to move at their pace, of course, with a little nudging from you.

Follow up is what gets things done; where others may fall short and loose the opportunity just by becoming an afterthought when it’s time to move forward.  If you don’t stop until you get an answer, you will get the job done more often than not.

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