Lead Generation is Essential in Commercial Roofing

Whether a commercial roofing company is well established, new to the industry, or anywhere in-between, leads for jobs are essential to success. The importance of a powerful commercial roofing lead generation strategy cannot be overstated.

In our modern ever-evolving digital world, opportunities for generating leads through marketing and methods of doing so are endless. Generating leads by promoting websites via social media is a promising source, however reaching the appropriate market can be tricky and results of marketing efforts can be difficult to measure, especially in the construction industry. To maximize performance in a mixed media campaign, which is aimed to promote your commercial roofing business, it is imperative to implement traditional marketing methods along with your digital strategy. In this post, we will take a look at two traditional methods of marketing for lead generation.

Direct mail

A direct mail campaign can seem very costly, but if it lands you just one big commercial roofing job, the campaign can pay for itself. In this marketing strategy, thousands of mailer pieces are sent out to targeted prospects within a given area, usually building owners or key contacts within a certain radius of mileage from a central location. When they receive the direct mail pieces, it is likely that some of the targeted prospects will call the roofing contractor who sent out the mail pieces, so they can discuss their needs or arrange for an inspection.


The most successful lead generation telemarketing campaigns for commercial roofing contractors are conducted by experienced phone marketers. They are dedicated to generating high-quality leads by specifically targeting commercial building owners/managers who will likely be in need of your services at some point in the near future. The phone marketers conducting your campaign must be highly knowledgeable about your roofing business and ready to answer any question thrown at them. Many roofing companies will generate their own calling lists in an attempt to conduct telemarking campaigns in-house, however, statistics show that this is not typically a successful means of landing roofing jobs. Without the complete dedication of team members who are focused on nurturing relationships with potential customers and adhering to strict guidelines for following up and tracking, in-house efforts often become too time-consuming and ultimately fail long term.

When outsourced to industry-specific trained professionals, telemarketing campaigns can draw the interest of business owners or commercial real estate owners who are more than ready to engage your services. Plus, for another benefit, they can be of great value in helping you establish initial relationships and then “nursing” a relationship over time until a prospect needs your expertise.

If your roofing company will benefit from targeted, high-quality leads, becoming an American WeatherStar Approved Contractor may be an excellent option for you. Call 888-868-2317 to learn more about becoming an approved Contractor of premium roof coating systems from American WeatherStar. As an American WeatherStar Approved Contractor, you will gain access to powerful commercial roofing lead generation strategies and implementation. There are no membership fees required to take advantage of the American WeatherStar Contractor marketing programs. Because our success is ultimately tied to yours, we are committed to making sure each of our Contractors gets as many jobs as possible. Many of our contractors have experienced success in working with our internal Business Development Center and have benefited from the following services we offer you:

  • Aggressive marketing strategies with extensive follow-up and tracking methods
  • Customized marketing and advertising materials to further brand and promote your company
  • Experienced account executives dedicated to generating high-quality leads targeted to your company campaign

We invite you to learn more about the American WeatherStar Business Development Center, our commercial roofing lead generation program and becoming an Approved Contractor.

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