Metal roofs are commonly found on commercial or industrial facilities.  The benefit to a metal roof is it’s cost efficiency during construction.  The drawback to many metal roofs is they can be very challenging to keep watertight long term.  Metal is such a conductor of energy, the UV rays from the sun cause the roof temperatures to reach 150F-170F during peak summertime weather.  These temperatures cause the roof to expand and contract levels that cause the fasteners to eventually back out causing leaks in the building.  Without proper maintenance most metal roofs eventually rust and degrade to the point where replacement is necessary.



American Weatherstar offers several solution options for restoring a metal roof including two fluid applied roofing systems; Either the Met-A-Gard or Met-A-Sil system installed by an AWS Approved Contractor will offer:

Other AWS solutions include metal roof retrofit using an infill of insulation and single ply membrane or a spray polyurethane foam  system.



Learn about your ultimate solutions to metal roof restoration: