Finished Met-A-Gard+ project

In this case study, we take a closer look at a standing seam metal roof restoration with the Met-A-Gard+ System exclusively from American WeatherStar.


This 14,500 sq. ft. standing seam metal roof restoration in North Charleston, South Carolina was primarily done as preventive maintenance and to stop a few leaks.

The installing contractor chose the Met-A-Gard+ System as the solution for this roof. Met-A-Gard+ is specifically formulated to waterproof and preserve metal roofing panel Systems from the harmful effects of the sun, wind, and rain. The system’s main component, High-Tensile Acrylic 211, contains strong algaecides which make it ideal for metal roof applications.


The entire roof was pressure-washed to remove any loose dirt, debris, and other foreign contaminants and to ensure maximum adhesion of the acrylic base coat to the metal surface. Additionally, the contractor made repairs to the damage on the roof (reinforcing seams, fasteners, panels, etc.) For this particular roof, one metal panel was replaced before the system was applied.

Urethane Brush-Grade 522 was applied to all seams and penetrations. This product is a thick, flashing-grade mastic designed to effectively seal and waterproof areas where leaks are most likely to occur. It also enables the system to withstand the natural expansion and contraction (thermal cycling) of the roof structure.

To complete the system, two coats of High-Tensile Acrylic 211 were applied to the roof. High-Tensile Acrylic 211 provides a highly-reflective and durable membrane that remains flexible even under the most extreme weather conditions.


After receiving the Met-A-Gard+ System, the roof now has a highly-reflective, seamless, and watertight finish with industry-leading elongation, tensile strength, and color retention. American WeatherStar issued a 12-year material warranty on the Met-A-Gard+ System.

Want to know if the Met-A-Gard+ Roof Restoration System is right for your roof? To learn more, schedule your free roof inspection with an American WeatherStar Approved Contractor today.

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