System Boards

One of the many benefits to being an American WeatherStar Approved Contractor is access to our marketing resources that can be used when making proposals to building owners. Among those resources are our System Boards. These boards are presentation pieces designed to showcase the advantages of American WeatherStar systems. Each board is produced from a heavy-duty, PVC material that displays system information, product images, application processes, and material samples. We currently offer System Boards for Met-A-Gard, Met-A-Sil, and in four different substrates for Ure-A-Sil.

If you’re interested in getting your own System Boards, fill out the form below. The boards will arrive in a cardboard sleeve to help protect against the natural wear and tear that occurs during travel, storage, and day-to-day use. While we also provide plenty of samples intended for you to leave with your potential customer, we recommend you hold on to your System Boards for continued use.

If you’re interested in gaining access to System Boards and our other marketing tools and resources, consider becoming an Approved Contractor today. We welcome any commercial roofing businesses who perform high-quality work and are looking for a supplier that is more of a partner than just a vendor.

Modbit / Smooth BUR

EPDM / Single-Ply

Met-A-Gard / Met-A-Sil

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