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From system quick specs and full application guidelines to warranty options, product data sheets and system cross reference sheets, you will find all of your needed technical information here.



With supreme durability and maximum protection against the elements, our fluid-applied roofing systems are proven to stop leaks and extend the life of commercial flat roofs. With cool roof technology, these systems are the ultimate solutions to restoring your flat roof.


With the highest levels of UV resistance, our maximum performance metal roof coating systems substantially reduce metal surface temperatures, cure and prevent rust and extend the lifespan of commercial metal roofing. With cool roof technology, our fluid-applied roofing systems can save you money now and even more in the long run.



There are many types of commercial roofing, each with a unique set of pros and cons. We developed these guides for you as a building owner or manager to be informed about your roof type and find the solution that best fits your needs. 

We provide

  • High-performance roof coating systems that offer added durability and protection for building owners
  • Fluid-applied systems that are backed with long-term, extendable warranties
  • Extensive, proven lead generation campaigns for contractors looking to grow their businesses
  • Courses featuring industry pros that keep contractors up to date on application techniques and best sales practices
  • Customer service – fully dedicated to the needs of contractors
  • Comprehensive technical support for contractors
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Schedule a free roof inspection

Schedule a free roof survey today. We’ll connect you with an American WeatherStar Approved Dealer/ Contractor  to inspect your roof and offer a comprehensive proposal to restore or replace.  It is critical to have a professional and experienced contractor survey your roof regularly.  Find small problems today so they won’t be large problems tomorrow.

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Million Square Feet Covered

More than 250 million square feet of commercial  and industrial roofing throughout the United States is protected and warranted with our fluid-applied, spray polyurethane foam, and single-ply systems. Learn more about warranty options.

Approved Dealers

Our nationwide network of approved dealers has the equipment and expertise to tackle the restoration, and repair needs of any size commercial roof. With active dealers in almost all 50 states, we provide local contractors who can be with you through every phase of your project. Schedule a free roof inspection today.

Reduction In Energy Costs

Our cool roofing systems are Energy Star® Certified to reduce building interior cooling costs by 20% on average-even during peak usage. Roof coating solutions have immense environmental benefits, they are 100% tax deductible the year the first year of application.   Learn how cool roofing can save you money. 

1/2 The Cost Of Replacement

Restoration with fluid-applied systems averages 1/2 the cost of full roof replacement. Short term – less material and labor are needed for complete installation. Tear-off/landfill fees are no longer cost factors. Long term – with proper maintenance, our systems can extend the life of commercial roofs indefinitely. 

Read what our customers have to say

“After 20 years of coating flat roof systems, this is the first product that looked like what I envisioned a coating to be. The thickness of the urethane base along with the self-leveling properties makes it one of a kind. I have never used a better product to coat over a built-up roofing system.”

President of Galt Construction, Inc.

“After working with American WeatherStar for a couple of years we attended one of their Dealer Conferences and learned more about the marketing programs they offer contractors. I must admit we had never heard of vendor or supplier working with contractors to help grow our business.”

Stan Williams / Owner and Operator of Innovative Roofing Systems

“In 2004, I was looking for a company to help my business grow and increase my sales. I was introduced to American Weatherstar. They were very professional and worked hard at helping me make my business a success. I use all of their products from the American WeatherStar’s coating division. They offer top quality coating products at competitive prices. The ordering process is easy, and the shipping is accurate and quick.”

Rodney Vanlandingham / Kentex Roofing & Specialty Coatings, LLC

“American WeatherStar is always improving their inventory and allows for training thru a variety of channels and that’s why Perryu Roofing values our working relationship and would recommend American WeatherStar to other roofing professionals.”

Kurt Landenburg / Service Department Manager - Perry Roofing Contractors