Silicone 412 top coat over SPF metal roof

In this case study, we discuss restoring a degraded metal roof using the Foam-Gard SPF Roof Restoration System.


This degraded metal roof in Louisville, Kentucky required restoration primarily for addressing small leaks, deteriorated materials, and damaged gutters and z purlins. The building owner had previously made multiple attempts to fix the issues with no success—the roof consisted of 3-4 different metal profiles all with different levels of corrugation, making it difficult to properly connect the existing roof to other panels, areas, and expansion joints. Additionally, the roof already had multiple types of repair coatings previously applied to it including asphalt, urethane, silicone, acrylic—all of which were rushed and not given proper prep work to ensure correct installation and proper adhesion. It was truly a Frankenstein’s monster of a roof!

The installing contractor chose the Foam-Gard system as the solution for this roof. Foam-Gard is specifically formulated to provide a durable air barrier for a variety of roof types.


The installing contractor began by giving the roof an in-depth cleaning. Any coating job should begin with roof prep, but because the roof had previously been neglected in terms of prep work, the contractor made sure to properly pressure-wash and grind away old mastics. Though it was a slow process, doing so ensured proper adhesion of the 3 lb. polyurethane foam.

Next, the contractor installed a layer of high-density spray polyurethane foam. 

Finally, the contractor installed two coats of High-Solids Silicone 412 to the roof. The base coat and top coat helped create a seamless foam system that ultimately tied all of the previously-installed differing metal panels together.


After receiving the Foam-Gard system, the roof now has an attractive, watertight finish. The two coats of High-Solids Silicone 412 will keep the building occupants dry and insulated for many years to come.

Download case study (PDF)