Flat roof restoration is 1/2 the cost of total roof replacement, with no interruption to your business.

Replacement costs

  • Expensive roof tear-off
  • High labor costs
  • High material costs/volume
  • Expensive landfill disposal costs
  • Interruption to business operations
  • Costly roof maintenance

Restoration costs

  • No expensive tear-off
  • Low labor costs
  • Lower material costs
  • No landfill disposal costs
  • No interruption to business operations
  • Lower maintenance costs


With cool roof technology, our restoration systems cool building interiors and reduce energy consumption.

Fluid-applied roof coating systems are designed to shield your existing roof from the harsh external elements. Our high-performance coating systems are installed on-site and form a seamless, watertight barrier over existing roofs. They are proven to repair and protect existing roofs with added durability against hail storms, wind-driven rain, leaks and persistent solar radiation. The image below shows how our solar reflective roofing systems work to lower energy consumption.


Flat roof restoration with cool roof technology


Our high-performance flat roof coating systems include:

Flat roof restoration with urethane and silicone
Flat roof restoration low voc


Have you seen your roof lately?

Industry leading contractors and association leaders estimate that half of all roofing system failures are the result of neglect and poor maintenance plans.

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Restoration with fluid-applied systems is 1/2 the cost of full roof replacement. Short term – less material and labor are needed for complete installation. Tear-off/landfill fees are no longer cost factors. Long term – with proper maintenance, our systems can extend the life of commercial roofs indefinitely.



Our cool roofing systems are Energy Star® certified to reduce building interior cooling costs by 20% on average-even during peak usage. Learn how cool roofing can save you money.



Roof coating solutions have immense environmental benefits, they are 100% tax deductible the year the first year of application.


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