Are your guys on the roof properly measuring coatings as they apply the system? Do they have the proper tools to accurately measure wet coatings during application, as well as dry film thickness once the coatings have cured? Below, we highlight some essential tools for measuring film thickness both during and after the application process.

Wet Mil Gauge
Wet Mil Gauge

One of the most important tools that every roof coatings contractor should have is a wet mil gauge. In order to ensure quality control during the application process, check wet mil thickness every 10 minutes. This will allow for adjustment if the coating is too heavy or too light.

Once the job is complete, there are two types of measuring tools to determine dry film thickness (DFT).

PosiTector® Roof Coatings Mil Thickness Gage
Magnetic Mil Gauge

This gauge is only used for metal roof coating applications. Typically the gauge is read digitally and can store readings in a report. Check out complete details at

Optical Comparator
Optical Comparator

This tool is used for non-metal coatings projects. A sample of the coating is cut out and measured with the device. Review the complete details of a comparator at