Xylene-based polyurethane roof coating installed near HVAC system

Contractors who have used our Aromatic Urethane 520, a xylene-based coatings component in our Ure-A-Sil Roof Restoration System, will agree that the advantages of a polyurethane roof coating far outweigh the strong “xylene-based” odor it creates.

It’s Completely Safe, but Do Take Precautions

We have thoroughly tested this material and know that it is safe to work with, but that doesn’t mean everyone will enjoy the smells it creates. Just like heavy perfumes, the odor from urethanes can cause some people to experience headaches or feel like they are having an allergic reaction. For those working on a roof with fresh air intake HVAC systems, it is recommended to have property management temporarily switch the building’s air to recirculate or to turn the system off completely.

Xylene Vapor Analysis Report

Click here to read the full xylene vapor analysis report. The document shows that Aromatic Urethane 520 only has one part per million when up to 100 parts per million are permissible. This will put most at ease but it makes a lot of sense to take precautions so you are not having a difficult conversation with a building owner.

If there is no possible way to keep odors from entering the building, the Envir-O-Sil System may be a more suitable solution. The High-Solids Silicone 412 used in this system has low VOCs and does not produce the same pungent odor as its xylene-based counterpart.

For more information on working with xylene-based coatings, please contact American WeatherStar Technical Services by clicking here or call us toll-free at 800-309-6416.